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Salon 21 is a reputable hair salon in Orem, UT, that can help you create a brand-new look. Whether you want to come in for just a simple haircut or are looking to make a dramatic hair transformation, we’ll listen closely to your requests in order to give you the service that will leave you feeling satisfied. Our stylists strive for excellence when serving our guests and treat everyone with the utmost respect.

We’ve established a locally owned and managed salon that continuously strives to take the art of hairdressing to a whole new level. Other traits you’ll likely find appealing include our:

  • Prompt responses to appointment requests
  • Attentiveness to all the fine details
  • Adherence to all hygiene standards

If you’d like to visit a hair salon in Orem that puts the client first, the team at Salon 21 will be happy to welcome you. Call today to find out when we’re available to serve you.

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Our Hair Salon

Our salon has had several changes made over the last 6 years. The most recent was the tiling of the wet wall in the back. We also changed all of the vanity light bulbs to CFL bulbs which reduced our energy usage by nearly 20%