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You’ve got a special event coming up and you need your hair to look its absolute best? Have one of our skilled hairstylists take care of you. Whether it’s for an exciting date, family photos, a friends weeding or any other special event or occasion, we have the hair tools, hair products and know-how to make you look amazing.

You’ll be able to relax as we use a shampoo that will work with your hair type and hair color. The Style/Blowout can be tailored to your need for volume, lose curls and waves, silky smooth hair, or wild, piecey, textured hair. If you want something specific, be sure to come with photos of what you like or how your hair has been styled in the past. If it’s Bridal Updos you’re looking for, try going to our Bridal and Updo page for more info.

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Our Hair Salon

Our salon has had several changes made over the last 6 years. The most recent was the tiling of the wet wall in the back. We also changed all of the vanity light bulbs to CFL bulbs which reduced our energy usage by nearly 20%