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Haircut Salon in Orem, UT Info & Pricing

Whether you are looking for a brand new style or just want to clean up your current cut, we are the perfect hair cutting salon. We have hair stylists that specialize in everything from short hair styles like pixie-cuts and a-lines, to medium length and long hair styles with layers and sweeping fringe. We also do men’s haircuts from clipper cuts, fades, and euro hawks to new twists on classic looks like pompadours and comb overs.

We take the time to teach you how to style your hair, show you which take home products are essential, and make sure your haircut is still going to look good when styled. We take progress notes to ensure that your look evolves into what you want, especially if you’re trying new styles or growing out your hair, and also to assist another skilled stylist in caring for you if your regular stylist is unavailable.

Your service will include:

  • A Consultation
  • A Detailed Haircut
  • A Shampoo and Informative Style
  • A Final Haircut Detail
  • A Product Consultation

If you’d like to visit a hair salon in Orem that puts the client first, the team at Salon 21 will be happy to welcome you. Call today to find out when we’re available to serve you.

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Our Hair Salon

Our salon has had several changes made over the last 6 years. The most recent was the tiling of the wet wall in the back. We also changed all of the vanity light bulbs to CFL bulbs which reduced our energy usage by nearly 20%